Charge Fees

You can decide whether to view all or some videos once or twice and pay accordingly..

You view each video twice and it will cost you UGX 2000

The videos are about 40 to 60 in number( Each lasting 90 minutes each) per paper and will cost in a range of  UGX 80,000 to  UGX 120,000). . This amount excludes Mobile Money charges.

The minimum amount you send us is UGX. 10000 exclusive of charges. You will have to include mobile charges.

To attend an online live session. You will pay UGX 10,000 for 2 Hour session and you will be informed of when they are to be scheduled. We assist you to install an app on your smart phone that facilitate your live sessions.

For the total charges, Recorded Session including 10 live sessions will cost you UGX 200,000 for level 3, UGX 180,000 for level 2 and 160,000 for Level 1

Remittance of Fees

You can send us fees by Mobile Money – 0775832437 or 0752750554


Once we have received the fees. We shall make a receipt, scan it and send it to you by email.