How to study with us?

Modes of Learning

We have two modes of Studying Namely; Recorded and Live classes using either a Laptop or a Smartphone.

To access Recorded Sessions, you are required to have been registered and you have acquired an account with us with confirmation of all payments for the required content.

For recorded sessions

We can send you a link to access CPA content after registration where you will be required to input your email address and the password we provide to you.

You have the liberty to play, pause , forward and stop the lecture until when you understand your concept.

Online Live Sessions

During your study journey of our recorded videos, you may come across areas you may not understand and you may want more explanations and clarification.You will access such explanations by attending our online live sessions where you can ask as many questions as you want. We shall schedule them for you.

But we would prefer you send us questions by email and we avail them to the lecturer before the scheduled time.